Hello everyone!

We thought it’d be cool for us to start off this dev blog by telling you what we intend to accomplish by making this game, more specifically, why we chose to do a Beat ‘Em Up in 2014.

Our team, composed of 4 like-minded independent artists and developers, shares a common love and nostalgia for old school Brawlers. Looking back on the Golden Age of this genre, we all remember how mind-blowingly bad-ass it felt to beat the living crap out of enemies in the believable (yet slightly exaggerated) game worlds. We could almost smell the sweat and blood coming off of our enemies as we pummeled them with our fists, weapons, and random picked up items. Games like Streets of Rage and Final Fight were not cartoonish worlds to play in; they were serious business, the real deal, the holy grail of that time period.

Lately, we haven’t quite been able to scratch the same itch. We don’t mean to say that recent Brawlers haven’t been good, but rather, the ones in recent memory don’t seem to have the same spirit as the ones that occupied so much of our time during our personal Golden Ages of gaming.

Whether it’s because the graphics are too cartoonish, or too “NES-inspired”, or the gameplay is merged with other genres (platformer + beat ‘em all, for example), we feel that everything tends to feel somewhat sugar-coated or diluted.

To address this, we decided to make our own Beat ‘Em Up. Our take on this style of Brawler will use the following components as guidelines on what we want to achieve throughout the development process of this game:

  • Pixel Art
  • A real sense of impact to the action. Each hit should have real weight to it.
  • A Design that is more realistic or believable than cartoonish
  • A Story
  • A cohesive universe
  • Set in the death throes of a collapsing Soviet Union
  • Syringes
  • Drugs
  • Dilapidated – the city and its denizens
  • Madness and Insanity
  • The 80s

We’ve been busting our asses since September 2013 to bring our vision to life and are excited to be able to finally share what we’re working on with the rest of the world!





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I always wished Final Fight was more violent. Still play my SNES cartridge at least twice weekly. Thank you for this project. How can I financially or otherwise contribute? I would play even the shakiest alpha. Just pumped for this project. Got here by way of Polygon. Thanks guys and or gals!


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