We had the honor to be invited by « Retro Event » to the third edition of Retro Gaming Days in Evreux.
More than 30 video game consoles of all generations, offered visitors the opportunity to play again classics. The event also included tournaments, Quizzes, blindtests etc…


A special room was dedicated to present « Mother Russia Bleeds » .
Two armchairs, big screen, soft light, and here we are introduced for the very first time to the public to promote and introduce our prototype. It was intense … Exhausting, but what an experience!


Despite some criticism regarding various bugs to adjust, or tweaks, the feedbacks were very good: We have achieved our first goal. The main words of this weekend were: « Adrenaline« ,  » intensity« , « nervousness« , « matureness » . This is on these specific concepts that the project was produced back in September 2013. What more could we expect ? It was a real pleasure for the whole team to see players laughing joystick in hand.


But it was also an opportunity to meet many artists ( 2080 OriotoMr.Garcin … ) , journalists  (Pix’N’ , and of course the whole « Retro Event » team.


We collected many reviews and tracked players’ behaviors, and the coming days will be devoted to a few fix to be made, and the realization of our trailer. Then we will start the last lap of our project before the official release of our demo and the launch of our Crowdfunding campaign.


We would like to thank all the staff at “Retro Event” for his welcome, and for the crazy work they provided (always with a smile !). Big congratulations to them for this important Event that manages to gather simple curious to most passionate. We recommend to everyone not to miss the next editions ! In any case, we will do everything to return… with the full game!







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Hi Guys,
Will you be detailing the process you guys go through as well? Like Technical details or why you decided to go with one option instead of the other – e.g. The programming language you used, why did you guys settle on it? What limitations you ran into and how’d you fix it? What about Art, what methods did you use to incorporate that into the game code? etc

I’m not sure one dev can be compared to another – but the guys over at Concerned Joe keep a pretty updated blog and it’s pretty cool since all the good AND the bad to the frustrating are all put down for reading! From your video alone the game appealed so damn much! So Would love to take a peek into your creative process! Have a Good one!

Thanks for your interest.

Yeah we already wrote some articles about the technology we use, about our graphic choices etc… It’s just not easy for us to translate every article in english., but we’ll try to update this blog as often as we can! We know you guys are pretty curious, and it’s a pleasure to share our process.

So stay focus!

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