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Guest Blogging – Why Play the Game of Guest Blogging?

SEO is a game and guest blogging is one of the popular tricks nowadays.If you have a unique perspective on a particular topic, then you may want to write a guest blog for your site. You can talk about what you know about that topic and don’t be afraid to tell the world what you know about that topic. It will bring tons of values to the website and all who read it which automatically direct the world to your own website.

Search engines like it when a blog has some relationship with its author. That means that there should be links to your blog in the posts. If the author is writing about themselves or their business, then the linking should come in the title or the first paragraph of the post.

Search engines also look at the content to determine whether or not a post will be worth ranking. Some topics, especially that of an affiliate, require more SEO effort than others. If a post requires more SEO then it will have better rankings. It helps to make sure that you use the keywords in the title, in the author bio and throughout the post.

The General Rule

Write well. Using keywords, you should be able to find keywords in articles that you have written that are related to the topic of the post. Make sure that you are showing that you are a good writer by using all the proper grammar and spelling.

Read other posts. If you know people who already know a lot about the topic, then you can use your writing experience to help people understand what you are talking about. This will increase your link popularity as a resource on that topic. Make sure that you read different sources on that subject to build your credibility. Learn how to answer questions. This is another way to make your post worth ranking and to spread your knowledge. Write about the answers that you know to be effective and to avoid.

By guest posting your are focusing on your long term goals. Set up your plan of action and stick to it. This way, your efforts will be focused on reaching your goals instead of just trying to get your site to rank high.

You will find that it will go a long way to increasing your page rank and your traffic to your site. Doing guest blog can be a very rewarding thing to do as well. It lets you spread your knowledge to a wide audience, but it also allows you to have some direct influence on how you are seen by the search engines. Neil Patel in his website has made an extensive how to do guest posting

Guest Blogging with MRB

One thing you need to know is that you must look for an authority in your niche. Authority is determined by the Moz DA and PA. The higher the DA the more in authority is that particular domain and website. MRB (read about us), for instance has a whooping DA of 46 and PA of 31 – check the screenshot below!

Guest Blogging with High DA PA gaming and tech website : MRB
MRB Moz DA at 46 and PA at 31

Secondly, the backlinks of the particular website and domain must be of high quality. Here with MRB, we have been mentioned by many websites in higher authority.

Guest Blogging with High DA PA gaming and tech website : MRB
Backlinks to MRB are mostly of DA 40 and above not low DA backlinks

Now if you understand what kind of ‘DA PA’ game we are playing, there is a golden opportunity. Here with MRB, we are offering you a guest blogging opportunity for the niche game and technology. If you are interested , shoot us an email here in the contact form below to find out more!